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Digital Disclosure AV is taking actions to contain the Covid-19 outbreak. We’ve adopted
workplace prevention measures and services for virus transmission mitigation. We intend to
follow social measures while maintaining full and productive employment and work during the



We can help you every step of the way in the design process. We know how to correctly map and install for all spaces.


We provide quick and high quality installation. We properly map out and measure before installation to make the process seamless.


We provide lifetime support to all of our clients. After original installation, we are always available to do maintenance.

Global Installation

Our team is highly skilled and ready to travel internationally to help you design and install your dream AV system.

Zoom Rooms

We install Zoom software-based video conferencing paired with world-class support. Get started today with a quote.

AV Equipment Sales

Digital Disclosure AV sells gear from global distributors at a reduced price. Purchase through us to ensure the right setup.